Sunday, 10 December 2017

Swimming - submerge and pick up the objects from the floor

Hello everyone, 

Last week on Wednesday and Friday, in our last swimming lesson we learned how to submerge the whole body under the water while blowing bubbles.  Then Mrs. Kaur threw some of the swimming equipment and Dedicated Dragons had to pick them up from the floor by confidently submerging themselves along with blowing bubbles. Also, some of the kids from Room 7 had joined us as well for the day as their teacher was away. Here are our pictures and a video showing the hard work: 

Celebration of success - Prize Giving 2017

Kia Orana everyone, 

This week on Thursday, we had Junior School Prizegiving for those children who have shown Rowandale's PRIDE values and academic excellence throughout the year 2017 in Room 8. Everyone has been really excited and eager to know since they have been hearing about this event happening soon. Here are some snapshots were taken on the day: 

Crystal Voorwinden received for being kind and caring and always taking into consideration other children's feelings. 

Enitoa Moala received the most improved award for working extremely hard this year

Briahna Sagatu received Respect award for always showing respectful behaviour towards her peers inside and outside the class and reminding others what respect looks like. Krishneel Dass received Integrity award for always making the right choices to help him in his and others learning in class.  
Carlos Hoff received participation award for always being an active and energetic member of the class and always contributing with a positive attitude 

Celine Neho received Academic Excellence  award for this year
Annamaria Fereti received Determination award for trying her 100% in all curriculum areas and in extra - curricular activities too. 

Kids receiving prizes for showing school's PRIDE values the whole year  

Enitoa received Reading Recovery Award from Room 8 

Saturday, 9 December 2017

FMS - Sprinting & Rob the Nest

Last week on Wednesday, the coaches had started with a warm up first - sprinting that means fast running for a distance. Later on, we played the game - Rob the Nest that involves running as well as the focus of the last term has been Athletics. In this game first of all each person runs and grabs an egg kept in hoola hoop and when the coach blows whistle they had to rob other people's eggs from their nest. In the end, whosoever got the most eggs wins the game. 

Here are the pictures of our determined Dedicated Dragons enjoying extremely and hope you'll enjoy them. 


Sunday, 3 December 2017

Whole School Assembly on Friday

Kia Ora Whanau and lovely caregivers, 

Last week on Friday, we had an amazing assembly organised by senior school kids where they performed really cool dance and shared some of the memories from the Camp as well. We were blown away by watching how much fun and enjoyment they had at camp through pictures. When we went back to class some of the Dedicated Dragons shared with Mrs. Kaur that they can't wait to go camping when they'll grow up. 

Congratulations Angel from Rm - 8 for winning the Respect Certificate for consistently showing respect towards her peers and teachers along with a new free bag. 👍 😀  KA PAI !!!

Congratulations Penamusu from Rm - 8 for winning the Caught Being Good Certificate for always working hard in learning his spellings from Essential Spelling List. KA PAI !!! 👍 👍 👍 👍 

I'm so glad finally Pukeko won my House yyaaaaaaayyyyyyy...